Atherosclerosis without symptoms, Usually less exercise, obese people should pay attention to

Blood vessels originally are soft and elastic, but they will become harder and more flexible with age. Whether that speed is fast or slow depends on your lifestyle. Arteriosclerosis progresses gradually little by little, with almost no subjective symptoms. Main causes are exercise shortage, obesity, smoking. These lifestyles lead to high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, and accelerate arteriosclerosis. Let’s change your lifestyle as soon as possible to slow down the speed. Smokers quit smoking, after getting up every morning, finish the toilet, measure the weight and blood pressure, record it, and habituate appropriate exercise leads to prevention.

Prevent overeating, eat vegetables at the beginning of meals

It is important to prevent overeating in order to prevent hypertension, hyperglycemia, and lipid abnormality leading to arteriosclerosis. To do that, eating a lot of vegetables is a key point. Vegetables are rich in vegetable fiber and vitamins. Since potassium is also abundant, it has the effect of discharging salinity in the body and lowering blood pressure. In order to eat a lot of vegetables, let’s heat up to reduce the bulk, devise measures such as increasing vegetables by refraining the amount of meat and fish when cooking hot pot. Still, if you eat vegetables at the beginning of meals, you can delay the absorption of lipids and proteins that you eat later. People with a lot of eating out easily tend to be short of vegetables, so try to choose a menu with many vegetables such as Hachihachi, salad, vegetable stir-fried.

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