[:ja]幸せの家族はどれもみな同じようにみえる[:zh]幸福的家庭都是相似的[:en]Happy families are all alike[:]

先日テレビをみるとき、ある言葉はとっても印象深いです。『Happily Wife Is Happily Life』つまり「幸せな奥さんは幸せな人生だ」










前几天看电视时看到了这么一句话【Happily Wife Is Happily Life】我突然觉得这个可能就是【托尔斯泰】所说的幸福家庭的相似之处吧!无论是富裕也好贫穷也罢,无论是生活充满了激情也好,还是平平淡淡的过日子也罢,如果妻子感到了幸福,那么这个家庭就是幸福的。



[:en]『Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.』is  the beginning of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy ‘s novels Anna Karenina

What is the similarity of a happy family? Is it a rich life? Still love each other? Or the health of your family? Or is everything included? In the age of diversification, everyone’s understanding of happiness is also diversified, and everyone will have the understanding and interpretation of happiness. It’s possible to have a meal together.

A few days ago watching television, saw a sentence [Happily Wife Is Happily Life], I suddenly felt that this may be [Tolstoy] said “happy family” similarities! Whether it is rich or poor, whether it is life full of passion, or plain life, if the wife feels happy, then the family is happy.

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